Clubhouse Units

Clubhouses are divided into work units designed to manage the everyday tasks associated with the operation of the clubhouse. Typical work units may include Clerical, Food Services, Facilities/Environmental, Reach Out (contacting and supporting members who have not attended the Clubhouse in a while), Membership, Education, Advocacy, Social/Recreation, Wellness and Employment.

The work of each unit is further divided into specific, manageable tasks. When a member joins the clubhouse, he or she selects a "home unit," according to his or her interests and abilities. The member can then sign up to perform the unit tasks, giving him or her an opportunity to work side-by-side with the clubhouse staff in a unique partnership and to contribute in meaningful ways to the overall operation of the clubhouse.


All member contributions inside the clubhouse are done on a voluntary basis; payment of a member to work in the clubhouse is considered unethical, regardless of work performed or hours put in.

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